Wireless access Point (WiFi) GWN7610

The GWN7610 is a high performance 802.11 ac wireless access Point. It offers a 2-band MIMO: 3 and a sophisticated antenna designed for maximum network throughput and wide Wi-Fi Range. To enable easy installation and management, the GWN7610 uses a distributed network management design without a controller in which the controller is integrated into the user interface of the Product. This allows each access point to manage its own network independently, without the need to separate the hardware or software from the controller and without a single point of Failure. This wireless access point can be coupled without third-party routers or Grandstream routers in the GWN Series. With support for advanced QoS, real-time low-latency applications, 250 and more client-by-point devices and dual Gigabit network ports with Poe/poe +, The GWN7610 is an ideal wireless access point for network deployments Small and massive wireless.