Wireless access Point (WiFi) GWN7600

The GWN7600 is an access point WiFi 802.11 ac biband intermediate. It offers Two-band 2×2 technology: 2 MU-MIMO technology and beam-forming technology, in addition to a sophisticated antenna designed for maximum network throughput and extended WiFi Range. To enable easy installation and management, the GWN7600 uses a distributed network management design without a controller by integrating it into the user interface of the Product. This allows each access point to manage a network of up to 30 AP of the GWN76XX series independently, without having to separate the hardware or software from the controller and without a single point of Failure. This wireless access point can be coupled with the routers of a third party as well as with the Grandstream routers of the GWN Series. With support for advanced QoS, real-time low-latency applications, more than 450 access point WiFi client devices, and dual Gigabit network ports with poe/poe, The GWN7600 is an ideal wireless access point for Medium to high density of users.