Cloud-PRI TM and cloud telephone lines and options

Service which is powered using our cloud services giving you the ability to have the benefits of new cloud services while avoiding reinvestment in your current telephone system, be it cards, licenses or a combination of the two.

The main advantages is to reduce costs, have numbers of other regions, reduce the number of channels depending on the volume of your activities and have a good price without long-term agreement.
In addition, options are available offering our members the opportunity to add features such as call center, call recording and active supervision by whispering in his ear or fixed rate conference bridge and many others.

Telephone stations on Shared Cloud System

Service offering all the advantages of very large telephone systems without having to purchase, our packages allow the acquisition, rental or rent to purchase, you decide. In order to reduce costs by locale we offer two options à la carte; the call centre and the registration/supervision.

This service is powered by one of thebiggest North American players in many award-winning telephone industry.

Rental of computer server capacity:

Our protected environment offers a variety of solutions, from a simple back-up to full outsourcing of your servers. We have, among our members, one person certified in the field of business continuity.

Sale of computer networking and computer equipment:
Through our strong discounted agreements, we are able to offer to our members a high quality at fair prices.

Dedicated Cloud Telephone System

Your business model is not suitable for a service by telephone or you do not want to purchase a new system, we can rent a telephone system to you, powered by our cloud services.

Four models are possible; your site on our server, in our environment, in your hosted environment, or hosted in our environment.We offer à la carte business continuity options.

Audio-Conference Cloud Bridge At A Fixed Monthly Rate

Service allowing you to do multiple conferences per month with one budget. Our offer is at 3 levels:

  • Up to 10 simultaneous participants
  • Up to 20 simultaneous participants
  • Up to 30 simultaneous participants

The following 3 options are available:

  • Free Phone Number
  • Local numbers to add to the main number included.
  • Conference Recording (for training or minutes writing).

This service is offered at a fair price on a monthly basis, contact us for more information.

Previous generation services

Your environment may exceptionally have to use services such as copper lines, PRI or no network is available. In these instances, or if your area is still covered by previous generation rules, we will find a solution for you; either through our agreements or referring you to our best agents.


Coax internet

Service offering different Internet speeds, thanks to our different agreements with our suppliers, including Videotron and Cogeco, to cover as many regions as possible in Quebec, in order to provide our members with no-obligation Internet connections at very competitive prices. It is also possible for us to offer optical fiber on demand and analysis.


Secure internet

Service offering our members the opportunity to protect their work environment with a low-cost, redundant LTE dial-up Internet connection, and independent of their existing coax Internet connection thanks to our agreement with Mission LTE.